Manufacturing of Canvas

Truck Tarpaulin Covers are the oldest form of enclosure for a closed body. The body consists of a flat bed with pivoting boards of approximately 50cm in height on all sides. A framework, which supports the tarpaulin, is mounted from the bed. The framework is made from metal posts at the sides, at a pitch …

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Tipper Truck & Grain Carrier Tarpaulin Covers

Tipper Truck & Grain CarrierĀ TarpaulinĀ Covers In the industry of Transportation of maize and other supplies within this sector of the market it is known that time is money. Time cannot be wasted on removing and refitting your covers. We have created a simple system for these trailers which allows for the driver alone to be …

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Fleet Management

Fleet Maintenance Fleet maintenance is our speciality and we maintain a number of existing fleets in Cape Town, including South African Breweries, Peninsula Beverages (coke), Boland Beer and Polyoak Packaging to name a few. Our process of fleet management includes maintaining the condition of the tarpaulin canvas covers as well as other tasks which assists …

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Pigmented Tarpaulin

800gsm Pigmented Tarpaulin Select a colour from our vast range of tarpaulin and we will manufacture a customized set to your expectations. A measurement expert will measure each truck prior to manufacturing in order to ensure a perfect fit. 800gsn Pigmented Tarpaulin with Sign Writing Branding tautliners and small trucks has become an excellent way …

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Spares and Systems

Spares and Systems It is always a good idea to have a form of back-up which can assist you when things do go wrong as problem can arise when you least expect it. In this case a truck driver could be stopped by problems which cannot be avoided such as broken or snapped rods or …

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Before and After

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