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Fleet Management

Fleet Management Cape Town

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance is our speciality and we maintain a number of existing fleets in Cape Town, including South African Breweries, Peninsula Beverages (coke), Boland Beer and Polyoak Packaging to name a few.

Our process of fleet management includes maintaining the condition of the tarpaulin canvas covers as well as other tasks which assists in the maintenance of the fleet itself. These tasks includes the maintenance of the mounting brackets, bolts and nuts which keep the canvas in place so that it doesn’t fail upon natural wear and tear over time. The condition of the actual canvas is also vital so that if we do spot an issue then we can attend to it before it gets worse. Constant exposure to wet condition could also mean that the canvas itself would have the possibility to acquire mould after a certain period of time. We usually add a finish coating to prevent such hassles which also adds on other benefits such as UV protection, improvement to overall durability as well as resisting the urge to fade over time, therefore giving the canvas a better looking lifespan.

A service level agreement is also available and can be customized to suit your requirements. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

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