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Manufacturing of Canvas

Truck Tarpaulin CoversTruck Tarpaulin Covers are the oldest form of enclosure for a closed body. The body consists of a flat bed with pivoting boards of approximately 50cm in height on all sides. A framework, which supports the tarpaulin, is mounted from the bed. The framework is made from metal posts at the sides, at a pitch of approximately 2 metres. These posts are called uprights. Carriers are mounted on top of the posts. Wooden or aluminium boards are fitted lengthways between the uprights and stacked on top of each other up to a height of approximately 40cm. Aluminium tubes are fitted lengthways between the carriers. When loading from one side, the tarpaulin is pulled up onto the roof and the frame dismantled. When loading from the top using, for example, a crane, the complete tarpaulin is pulled forwards and folded up so that it occupies a length of approximately one metre and the frame is dismantled up to that point. We manufacture tarpaulin canvas to size to suit any truck size and can print the brand of your business on it at your request. We assemble the canvas by means of our professional staff who stitch them together using heavy duty machinery to ensure that your canvas will stay in tact for a long period of time and be produced to the highest quality standards for your convenience. Please contact us if you require more information regarding our manufacturing process and details.

Tarpaulins are specially made from tightly woven PVC material which provides lasting protection against the elements.

PVC Tarpaulins are:

  • Durable and versatile
  • Tough and lightweight
  • Easy to handle when wet
  • UV protected
  • Eyelets every meter or 500cm
  • Double edged rope – reinforced hems
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